Thursday, March 3, 2011

24 hours in San Diego.

Aubrey and I decide to take a little trip down to San Diego during the President's day weekend. We stayed downtown at the beautiful boutique Hotel Solamar on Sunday night. On our way down we stopped by and filled our belly's with some good ol' brew & bbq at the famous Phil's BBQ. We wondered around the gaslamp district and danced our feet off that evening . The next day, I wanted to explore SouthPark, a quaint area in San Diego with a homemade ice cream shop and other small boutiques. Silly me, didn't take into account the holiday and we arrived to a quiet & empty SouthPark. Most of the shops and restaurants were closed due to the holiday but luckily The Daily Scoop was awaiting our arrival with open doors. They are an all natural ice cream shop, so I happily enjoyed the Pistachio (without the yucky artificial green color) which pleasantly had pieces of pineapple. Because the restaurant we wanted to eat at was closed we relied on trusty yelp to guide us to a delicious lunch. We discovered El Salvadoreno Restaurant not too far from SouthPark and devoured pupusas, tamales, plantains and washed it down with pineapple juice mixed with fresh fruit.

The drive was gorgeous. So fresh after a nights rain.

Viewpoint {There were tons of seagulls and Aubrey got pooped on}

Playing in the flowers.

This required a nap afterwards.

Closed. :(

The best part!

@ The Daily Scoop

Fresh fruit in every slurp.

We shared the combo platter so we could try a little bit of everything.


  1. I love this post. Please keep posting about your adventures! Why didnt we girls go on more trips down to sd? Its so gorgeous down there.

    P.S Love the blazer :)

    Miss you & always thinking of you,

  2. What a fabulous time! Looks like so much fun. I Love that you're raising money for autism speaks. I always make sure to make a donation.

    Hope you have a wonderful Friday!

    That Girl in Pearls