Monday, February 14, 2011

From his pen ...

Fireworks. In the night sky, lighting up the aura, the physical manifestation of that energy, through light.

Seeing face, after face, after face...

...was that her?

The anticipation warmed his soul into a whirlwind of focused searching.

It was this night, they would meet for the first time, not in the traditional meaning thought.

The festival with the massive thousands, all with their hearts beating in unison. More than a concert, they would all witness a meeting of two spirits who finally will dance together in circular symmetry.

"The Mantra," she says.

"The Mantra?" says Love.


I'm sorry.
Please forgive me.
I love you.
Thank you."

"No, not like that, don't say it to me. Say it for yourself . It's more genuine and meaningful if you yourself believes in it."

Even with closed eyes, he can feel her. The vibe, the frequency, in complete sync with each other.

It began with a rebirth of Love, an emergence of a new world, introduced through the purest of emotions, the purest, most high state of being ...


Here, Love finds Proof that Joy is revealed if truly and earnestly wished for.

The glass shatters.

Whimsical thoughts then suddenly focus like a lit beam, a connection between Love and Joy. The first.

"What do you think that means?" says Love

Joy replies with absolute confidence and faith.

"It brings attention to this moment."

The Moment. The concept of the moment. At this moment, Love sees for the first time.

Love has never been so drawn to an energy, so driven by feeling.

The universes says to Love, though:

"Not yet."

To be continued . . .

*The story of how we came to be ... the most beautiful valentine's day gift. ♥


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