Monday, October 25, 2010


My mother told me one day that she doesn't understand how some people can say that they love their grand children more than their own children. How can you love someone/something more than your own child? The child you have conceived, carried and delivered into this world. The most precious treasure God could bless us with. I told her maybe it's not that people love their grand children more but they do so with more ease because they no longer have to face the challenges and obstacles that come along with raising a child. I believe that sometimes life gets the best of people. Life (e.g.societal norms & such) intrudes our every being and obscures our view of things. Even, precious things like our children. My concluding thought: nobody loves their grand children more than their own children it just seems that way. They simply love easier and with lighter eyes because they don't have all the societal pressure built up around them any longer. With that thought my mother said this "she definitely loves Kingston, her grandson, but loves Jesse, her son, more and loves Jesse even more watching him love Kingston.

I feel I completely captured the essence of this statement, accidentally that is, in this photo.

My brother, Jesse, admiring his son, Kingston, while my mother is admiring him, while her boyfriend, Ken, is admiring her admiring Jesse admiring Kingston.


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  1. i love this post. and to end it with that amazing photo. your family is so beautiful. <3