Monday, February 22, 2010

Mount Whitney

The highest summit in the contiguous United States.
At an elevation of 14,495 ft, I will make my way up to the top on a 22 mile hike this August.
I've always heard about Mt. Whitney and thought it would be great to do the legendary hike but never dreamed the opportunity would fall into my lap as it has. I just happened to be talking to my co-worker, Laura, about working out, running, etc. She mentioned that she was trying to get in shape, as it turns out, to hike up Mt. Whitney this summer. Then she casually mentioned that she had an extra permit (to prevent over crowding on the trail) to do the hike and asked if I was interested in joining her and her two friends.

How could I deny such a marvelous opportunity?

Now . . . I must get myself in shape for this grand adventure.

I shall keep you posted about my preparations. :)

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  1. omg wow! that's so awesome...I'm so proud of you :) love you <3